Concierge services….

 SRD International prides itself in not only providing the very best in traditional travel, but we have excelled in taking that experience to another level.  The concierge professionals at SRD International incorporate their diverse backgrounds and knowledge to create unique and exclusive travel experiences.  Our philosophy is to enable access to the unattainable and feel pampered.  We can also have one of our on site concierges available during your trip to ensure it is stress free.  Translation, itinerary changes and special requests are completed seamlessly.  Every detail is managed by your personal concierge whose sole purpose is to see that you do not have to lift a finger.

 We also offer special services to add to your experience at home or on vacation, such as 

. private security

. private tours (after hours or sight closures for ultimate privacy)

. gift and shopping services

. luxury items ( vintage wine,  fine jewelry, exotic cars)

. restaurant and private club reservations  

. tickets (theatre, world events, music, sporting and VIP invitation only)          

. private chefs, dietary requests and requirements

. personal fitness trainers

















SRD International Concierge Services acts as your five star concierge anytime, anywhere throughout the world - restaurant reservations that most people have to wait months for, find that special bottle of wine for your cellar, perfect piece of jewelry or even the car of your dreams.

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