Villas & Yachts


For the ultimate in seclusion and relaxation, a private villa is unsurpassed. SRD International hand selects your villa based on your specific requirements. We also have access to several discerning villa owners who rent their private homes only to our clients. With focused attention to detail, each villa is prepared to suit the individual needs of our guests.To make your home away from home feel complete, the villas include a multilingual staff, and you may request classically trained chefs and concierge staff to enhance your villa vacation. Elevate your villa experience even further with the addition of cooking classes, wine tastings, fitness instructors and tour guides. Villas also serve as the perfect venues for destination weddings and events.


A private yacht is the pinnacle of luxury on demand. The beauty of chartering is the privacy and flexibility it provides. Your floating 5-star hotel navigates to the destinations of your choice — including smaller ports and islands that cruise ships simply cannot access. SRD International is unique in this arena, as we personally inspect each of the yachts we offer to our clients. Rest assured, we’ve thoroughly vetted the crew and sampled the gourmet cuisine. To ensure smooth sailing, we’ll provide the yacht and crew that are the perfect match to your personality.